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I am Maura, I have three kids, a dog and a passionate love for the sea. I live and work in Turin, a city I love for its special personality and its large green parks.

Following my passions, at first I gained experience in the art of wedding reception and, after eight years working and cooperating with the main Italian creators of bridal high fashion, I have decided to open my own Bridal Design atelier.

I aim to create dresses that give to every bride a timeless look, absolutely unexpected and unique. My collection can be summed up by the word “unconventional”: for the chosen styles and fabrics, for the ideas and inspiration behind it, each sketch represents many sleepless nights and long hours of research to find something that will always surprise you – and me. Maura Brandino designs originate from the many different emotions inspired by my love for haute couture, for the timeless elegance of the golden age of Italian fashion, and for that vintage touch reminiscent of the 1920s.

Each dress is tailored to make you shine, bringing out the natural softness and elegance of silk. My favourite cuts are minimal and flowing, decorated with embroidery and delicate lace. The creation of each dress starts with the careful choice of high-quality, unique textiles and with the design of embroidery and patterns specifically crafted for my atelier by trusted Italian and French vendors. The same care goes into the dresses for the groom that wishes to appear flawless and refined, easily recognized as unique yet impeccably elegant.

All wedding dresses are tailor-made in my studio in Turin, following the latest trends, using high-quality textiles and unusual elements, devoting the utmost care to every detail. It is a great responsibility and a great honour to be with the bride and groom in one of the most emotional moments of their life, and this is why I give all my expertise, passion, creativity, patience and tears… because yes, I often share your tears of joy!

I am proud to create my collection in Turin and to count on the expert hands of my co-workers, and even more so because all my designs are rigorously made in Italy.

Maura Brandino
Maura Brandino - Il Sogno Atelier Sposa Torino