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The Atelier

Where Your Dream Come True

It has been my second home for more than 20 years (in some periods even the first …) and is located in the Quadrilatero Romano, one of the places in the heart of my city, Turin.
It’s like living out of time and not in a city centre , we all know each other, traders and residents, it’s a bubble in which I float and create.
During the day it is silent and elegant, on sunny days it makes the stuccoes of the Parisian-style buildings shine, in the dull ones the porphyry of the street looks like a mirror.
Above our front door, the lion’s head frieze welcomes me every morning and makes me realize that I am an active part of this city. And I’m proud of it.

All our dresses, exclusively made to measure in our laboratory, speak of lines in step with the times and precious fabrics, unusual details and attention to detail.


If you have to do something wrong, do it with the right person.
I’m Maura, I’m a Bridal Designer, I live and work in Turin. I love the sea, walks in the woods and my dog GraceKelly (triggering the jealousies of my three children).

Mine is a world populated by Italian craftsmanship and style, with some French accents (as far as lace is concerned). It is a world that looks at timeless elegance through my lenses, that speak of contemporaneity, precious and refined fabrics, tailor-made creation of each individual garment.
I am a fervent supporter of Made in Italy, creativity and Italian excellence.
The materials I choose and their transformation into your dress follow slow fashion. The choice of fabrics is made with care and patience, because not all suppliers guarantee local production. The internal processing guarantees the control of every creative and realization phase and is free from any form of work exploitation.
To be appreciated by those who find in my creations those details that I love so much, chosen with care, research and sometimes a bit of risk but different in each of my clothes, it is one of the things that makes me happy and gratifies me most.
It is speaking the same language, having the same vision of beauty and recognizing oneself as different in the sea of the “already seen”.

Those who choose my aesthetic world will have me all to themselves.

Although I cannot afford the privilege of taking care of the preparation of all my brides on their wedding day, I am fortunate to be close to you and to be at your disposal during the previous months.
It is a part of my job that I do not delegate to anyone, I want to get to know you, listen to you and imagine you as a bride.
We will have a lot of fun and you will feel excited, we will create something unforgettable, beautiful to look at and to wear, something unique and precious as each of us deserves.

and then…

My name is Enrico, I manage the atelier with Maura and I take care of men’s suits.

I choose with you from the best Italian and English fabrics which will be the one that will make you unique and recognizable.
We will talk about details, hand-made buttonholes, bright and designed linings, fabrics to match in an unexpected way and you will be amazed at how many unique details are needed to make your suit.
We will stop interference in the bud, with innate elegance but firmly…it will be your suit, it will represent you and it must be in harmony with that of your bride, with the place you have chosen, with the color you have chosen.
It will be your day and being part of it is a pleasure that I share while I make your suit, when I deliver it to you and even after when you send me the photos of the ceremony and the party.